Shoe Leather Epidemiology: A Guided Tour

At the conclusion of the presentation, the participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the steps in an outbreak investigation.
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5. Gender?
6. What format did you use?
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7. The course was of overall high quality.
8. The program moderator was helpful in framing questions and focusing discussion.
9. The presenter, Geraldine Johnson, Bur. of Communicable Disease Control, NYS DOH was knowledgeable.
10. As a result of my participation in this videoconference, I am able to Describe the steps in an outbreak investigation.
11. The knowledge gained from this program will help me perform my job more effectively.
12. I would recommend this course for employees in positions similar to mine.
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13. What was the most useful or important thing you learned during this program?
14. What suggestions do you have for improving the program?
15. What other public health topics would you like to see addressed in future satellite broadcasts?
Point of View
16. This training was balanced, fair, and free of commercial bias.
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