Logistics Section Chief

Public Health
Incident Command System (ICS)
Emergency Response
Job Action Sheet

Logistics Section Chief

Reports to: Agency Incident Commander

Mission: Organize, direct and coordinate those operations associated with maintenance of the physical environment (facilities), security, personnel deployment (movement) and provide for adequate levels of shelter and supplies to support the mission's objectives.

Receive appointment from the Agency Incident Commander (AIC). Obtain packet containing Section's Job Action Sheets (JAS).
Read this entire Job Action Sheet.
Obtain briefing from, including Incident Action Plan (IAP).
Confer with appointed Logistics Section Unit Leaders and ensure the formulation and documentation of an incident-specific Section Action Plan (SAP) as approved by the Command Staff.
Add additional (or delete) tasks and distribute Job Action Sheets.
Distribute the corresponding JAS with incident specific tasks.
Establish Logistics Section Center in proximity to agency Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
Advise AIC on current logistical service and support status.
Update Logistics Section staff of new developments and receive Section status reports.
Secure areas as needed to limit unauthorized personnel access.
Obtain information and updates regularly from unit leaders and officers; maintain current status of all areas.
Review IAP and estimate section needs for next operational period or shift through Liaison Officer, initiate contact with jurisdiction's emergency services agency for EMS, fire and police assistance when necessary.
Prepare to manage large numbers of potential volunteers.
Confer with Public Information Officer (PIO) to establish areas for media personnel.
Obtain supplies as requested by Planning/Intelligence or Operations Sections.
Maintain documentation of all actions and decisions on a continual basis. Forward completed unit activity log to Finance/Administration Section Chief.
Participate in the development and execution of the demobilization and make recommendations to AIC as necessary.
Observe all staff for signs of stress, report issues to Safety Officer.
Provide rest periods and relief for staff.
Prepare end of shift report and present to oncoming AIC and Logistics Section Chief.
Plan for the possibility of extended deployment.

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